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How to Make a Graphic Novel: reMIND reveals the process from web to print

this is a wonderful resource. I love bloggers who are not afraid to actually teach something to someone. check out the remind blog link .

Corey Blake

Hey, let’s make a graphic novel! They’re the cool new thing and it’s easier than trying to turn a big idea into a movie.

Not so fast, Trigger. A graphic novel isn’t just a movie script and storyboards slapped together as a book. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and money. And there are a lot of difficult lessons to learn. What lessons? Ask graphic novelist/animator Jason Brubaker. He’s been learning, and sharing those lessons, as he makes his graphic novel reMIND, which will debut at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego. (Although I understand The Comic Bug in Hermosa Beach had some copies that sold out within a day. Check with them. Maybe they’ll get more before Comic-Con.)

His website has a Making Graphic Novels section that explains exactly that – great material for process junkies, fans of behind-the-scenes extras, and for people interested in making…

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In the public domain

I have been having conversations around the net about the public domain and claiming copyrights over things that you did not author nor create, And it got me to thinking…I have a considerable amount of public domain books  and pictures and such on my hard drives so I was perusing one of my drives and found a copy of the new york times with the front page noting the end of the first world war…Imagery from the past can do nothing but inspire the future.  The image is below.  Hope you enjoy it..


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